Frame by frame

Visualzink is a visual media creative studio that, from concept to execution, delivers strong moving visuals that entertain, comunicate, sell and excite viewers, buyers, and people surfing digital worlds.

Our main expertise is focused on TV, where we are specialized in conceptualization of TV branding and On-Air Promotions for broadcast TV channels or platforms.

All of this makes us approach multidisciplinary visual projects knowing that we are used to talk to big audiences.We aim to be your partner and share points of view to reach the best creative solutions. We are committed to apply creativity that reports, entertains and creates added value to our clients. Visualzink puts ideas into movement.


—  TV Design

—  Creativity

—  On-Air Branding

—  TV Idents

—  Brand Strategy

—  Image Campaigns

—  Promos / Spots

—  On-Air Graphic

—  Navigation Design

—  Bumpers

—  Packages

—  Promo Outsourcing

Creative Marketing Production

—  Promos

—  Sales tapes

—  Special Creativity

—  Sponsorships

—  Visual for Events

—  Consulting

—  Workshops

—  3D Animation

—  Consulting

—  Logo Motions

—  Training Videos

—  Ad Support

They like what we do

The studio lead by JC Ordóñez has a big audiovisual production expertise that, for a long time, has been awarded and recognized around the world for the quality and innovation of their work. This acknowledgment makes us even more passionate for what we do. We are commited to give always, no matter what project, our very best.

New York Festivals
—  1 Gold Medal
—  5 Silver
—  2 Bronze
—  5 Finalis

Promax BDA World
—  9 Gold
—  11 Silver
—  1 Bronze

—  1 Gold

Promax BDA Latinoamérica
—  18 Gold
—  20 Silver
—  3 Bronze

Promax BDA Europa
—  6 Gold
—  8 Silver

LAUS Awards
—  1 Silver

EBU Awards
—  1 Silver

They trust us

Our clients confidence is key for us to give the very best of our creativity. We are true service vocation oriented.

Making our relationship with our clients one of the most important points for approaching any kind of projects. Thank you for trusting us.

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