Telediario Rebrand

Our last big project that has taken us a very special dedication. Spain’s public service television news brand, Telediario, makes a huge rebrand after 10 years of its existing look and feel. An exciting development that has not only payed attention to the total redesign of brand elements, but also the creation of a new programme navigation system , new infographic templates both for programme and the big screens on the new set. Besides that we implemented the navigation system also in their non-stop news channel 24H, and adapted the entire visual ecosystem to the 17 news delegations spread through the country, each of them with their own capacity of airing their local news programmes.

As a starting point, RTVE came to us with a very clear brief that wanted to convey sobriety, credibility, solvency and modernity.


We have already redesigned the imagotype, logo and typography. The logo must  refer both to the “TD” and the “Telediario” expression as both are in same recognizable levels. Besides , the logo must play a important role in all the graphic development  of the package, not only as a brand icon, but as a navigation element.

New color palette, and a flat design approach, obey to a clear statement to modernize TD , evolving into a global and modern brand, prestigious for its 63 years on air.



As said before, our iconic brand element, Navigation Bar, vertical or horizontal, gives hierarchy to the appearance of the written information in one space or box, varying in size depending on labeling needs. Persistent headline, is a novelty as well  as the continuous text animation, seamless, for typing info every moment rather than saturating the info box with static sentences.

We use the up part of the frame for live, locators and hashtag infos.
A dynamic navigation system, that seeks for readability and clarity of all written texts that follow the information narrative.


We have refreshed existing toolkits used for infographic expression, adapting some shapes and new colors.We add our Navigation Bar, and also different layouts and templates for the most used and common graphics.

Screenbeds and wallpapers are now adapted to the general look and feel. We have also implemented new maps, navigation for those maps and new locators.

TD Screens

The all new TD set is a multiscreen studio where information takes place. The main goal was to give a homogenize look so we can integrate all aou new infographic and brand elements so we can develop design routines for fulfilling the needs for generic or specific backgrounds or information events.In this big set AR and Virtual Windows experiences will take place supporting information needs.

Regional News

Complexity of the project travels through the inclusion of 17 different territorial hubs, with specific information programmes that have to be integrated in the general brand.

To homogenize was the challenge knowing that we had to provide different customized intros, sweeps, bumpers, backgrounds ,music beds, info typing templates, each of them adaptable to the different languages spoken in some of those territories.

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