TOKYO 2020

Our first time designing for Olympic Games. After having made sporting incursions such as football, Formula1 or WPTour, we have produced a complete graphic package for RTVE to be applied in all the programs related to this event and which have been broadcasted by TVE1, TDP and Play RTVE. An exercise carried out in record time, as we always lived in the verge of uncertainty about the holding of the games.

Idea / Development

We pitched ideas that, based on the mockups that they showed us with the first designs of the general stage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics program, maintain the circular idea of ​​it, respecting the colors, but adding elements of the rich Japanese iconography.

We developed an idea where the circle was the key in all animation, using  2D movements and highlighting the characters (athletes) in duotones. We wanted to keep the idea of ​​dynamism and action in all the pieces to assimilate them to the spectacular nature of the competition.

Intros + Sweeps

An important part of the graphic package were the different Intros and Sweeps made for various programs and sections. We have built a system that, then provided to RTVE, could be used to internally generate new pieces according to their own specific demands.

The Main Intro sets the tone for the other intros for dedicated sections, homogenizing the entire look and feel of every item in order to keep a strong brand perspective on every thing produced and aired.

Sport IDS

Another challenge of this graphic package was the production of the different IDS corresponding to the 50 sports that were going to compete in this edition. We produced a common base, which, with slight tweaks, could be adapted to special cases.

All these Olympic Sports IDs were used to precede both broadcasts and news related to their respective sport.


We have developed a live labeling and information system based on the overall look and feel of the entire graphics package. We have played with boxes and diagonal lines to form info boxes adding texture and icons to achieve full identification.

We have also used the entire color range for the creation of backgrounds as well as the textures and shapes used in the headers and sweeps to achieve a homogeneous look. Part of the design, the chosen typography, that we think gives a fresh approach with a major use of lowercase instad of full uppercase, 80%-20 %.

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