A real Branded Content exercise where we play with factors that appeal emotions. We are looking for connecting clients / viewers in a more intimate stage. We truly believe on the strength that stories have for communicating and generating conversations around the brand that makes it win notoriety.

Shot on location at the Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas, this branded shortfilm takes us to escape forward in search of values and positive thinking, a return to basics anda more easy life, a reunion with nature but with lots of strong emotions.

Branded Content

Branded Content is a type of content based on the relationship that a brand wants to establish with the clients using values and emotions


A true story

Our client was looking for a differentiating type of communication that would distinguish him from other competitors in the marketplace. The story that we have developed, contains positive aspects that belong to the brand and that keep associated to it. At a user/client level, we also generate an dded value: entertainment.


Storytelling is the way of telling a story in a sensorial based language, that ,placed in front of viewers, takes them to internalize ,understand and create personal meaning of that fact.

We use Storytelling techniques that are indicating the values of the brand, in this case an adventure tourism company, nature contact and true organic reality.

We have built for this purpose a story with a language already based on emotions and that can be easily read by the viewers and that can generate a feeling that can identify themselves with the brand.

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